Book Club – 3/14 – The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat by Oliver Sacks

Note the Author will not be at this event.
When: Monday, March 14th 7-830 PM
What: The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat
Where: Books Inc, SF
The Deets:
Neurologist Sacks, author of Awakenings and A Leg To Stand On , presents a series of clinical tales drawn from fascinating and unusual cases encountered during his years of medical practice. Dividing his text into four parts”losses” of neurological function; “excesses”; “transports” involving reminiscence, altered perception, and imagination; and “the simple,” or the world of the retardedSacks introduces the reader to real people who suffer from a variety of neurological syndromes which include symptoms such as amnesia, uncontrolled movements, and musical hallucinations. Sacks recounts their stories in a riveting, compassionate, and thoughtful manner.

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