What’s a Science Cafe? It's a casual setting where scientists share their research with a hungry public. Based on the European salon model, it's designed to start a dialogue between leading scientists and you. No long lectures. No stale presentations. Just science and fun!

What’s the format?
The cafes generally last about 2 hours. We start with a 10-20 minute presentation followed by Q&A. About an hour in, we’ll take a short break to refill our drinks and empty our bladders. After the break, we’ll continue the dialogue with an emphasis on how you can get involved with the topic.

Do I have to be a scientist to attend?
Absolutely not. The conversation of science impacts us all so we encourage anyone to attend. The talks are designed for scientists and non-scientists alike. The only requirement is an open mind and curiosity!

Why did you start Down to a Science?
I’m a lifelong science addict. In my experience as a scientist, I’ve experienced frustration in being able to communicate with the public. Either it’s deemed unreachable or uninteresting by the media. My attitude is simply that science affects us all. I want to create a dialogue so that we all have an opportunity to contribute. Plus, I like to have a beer while talking science.

Is Down to a Science kid friendly?
Kids are definitely welcome at Atlas Cafe. If your child is interested in the topic, bring them! In case the event is age specific, it will be listed in the event description.

How can I get involved?
We’re always looking for help and volunteer support. Contact us (info@sciencecafesf.com) with your availability and interest.

Who is Kish?
That’s me! My name is Kishore Hari and I started Down to a Science.