Local Science Cafes/Resources

Center for Inquiry
CFI promotes and defends reason, science, and freedom of inquiry in all areas of human endeavor. They sponsor many Bay Area talks.

Eco Tuesday
EcoTuesday is a forum to network, collaborate, and engage with environmental and socially responsible business leaders.

KQED Quest
The BEST science news program here in the Bay Area….includes exceptional blog as well.

Ask a Scientist

The premier monthly science lecture series in San Francisco. If you love learning science in a casual atmosphere, Ask a Scientist is a MUST.

Cafe Scientifique Silicon Valley
An excellent science lecture series on the peninsula. The cafe is held at SRI International.

East Bay Science Cafe
Sponsored by the Berkeley Natural History Museum. As a former Berkeley resident, my heart is with this cafe.

Rod and Joy’s Blog about Fertility
Close friends Rodrigo and Joy document the path to starting a family.

UCSF’s Science Cafe Podcast
UCSF’s weekly podcast about the culture, conduct, and community of science.

Other Science Education Resources

NOVA Science Now
Nova offers streaming video and audio of all of their recent shows. In addition, there is a discussion board and links to other science cafes around the country. Nova helped me start this cafe!

Science Friday
It’s where I get one dose of weekly science news. I credit Ira Flatow for keeping the conversation of science alive in the media over the past few years. The site also publishes an excellent and interesting blog. Also has excellent resources for teachers!

Science Magazine
The preeminent scientific journal in the world. Science news/research straight from the source.

The Energy Blog
Viva la Energy Revolution!

The Ferris Files
My friend David Ferris personal blog. He has a few posts about DtaS events…an interesting read.